19 Jan

When you look in the mirror what do you see? I see something so talented and unique, nothing can compare to it. The thought of there only being one so talented and unique like the one standing in front of the mirror, is something so powerful. There is only one unique figure you see in that mirror and until you find out how that figure is unlike any other, don’t give in to the negative thoughts, just admire the beauty of that figure for once and tell yourself, I am special.

Publishing a book

14 Jan

I have always wanted to write a story and watch it travel worldwide. I used to think only adults were capable of writing books and making things realistic just like it were happening in real life but I was wrong. Just because adults have had more experience on earth with nature’s beauty doesn’t mean I can’t write as good of a story. I have been working on a book now for almost a year and I think it’s about time I finally make it happen. The book I am currently writing is so powerful and unique that every detail feels so real, just like you’re in the setting with all the characters. Once I finish the book I would love if everyone takes the opportunity to read it and give me some feedback so I can improve on my writing skills in hopes of one day becoming a writer.

Photography Business?

10 Nov

Hello fellow bloggers! Don’t know where to start with this post because it’s been so long since I’ve actually posted, but I’ll try my best. So I’ve been in this weird routine lately which consists of dreaming constantly and taking pictures! I really want to be a professional photographer one day and I think starting now wouldn’t be such a bad idea? I definitely have the skill and technology to do so but how to even start a business is beyond me. If anyone has some good advice other than looking it up on Google (which I should honestly consider doing) I would greatly appreciate the help!

Softball / Summer

11 Aug

Hello everyone! First I want to start off by saying I turned 16 and successfully got my permit. I’ve only ran through one stop sign in the 2 weeks I’ve had the permit… Not that bad right? Just joking, I got a very big lecture for doing that. Aside from driving, my summer has been going very well. It started off with a big win, placing 3rd in the World Series for USSSA 18u softball! I couldn’t have been any happier to have the opportunity to play with all these girls throughout the years. After all the pictures I was able to celebrate a little more by heading right off to vacation which was also a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better summer and I hope yours were just as great!

P.S. The picture below is the West Manhiem Xtreme placing 3rd in the World Series




28 May

I can tell you one thing loud and clear, finals will be the death of me. Finals stress me out so much and everybody just seems so cranky on the day of finals. Only good thing about them is the sign that school is finally coming to an end! I couldn’t be anymore happier that I only have 7 more days left. These last 7 days are a huge drag for not just us students but all the teachers too. Im sure the teachers are probably thinking “can’t wait to get out of this hell hole”. I mean, who wouldn’t? If I had to deal with all these noisy Highschool students… Well lets just say I’m never going to have to deal with them because there is no way I am becoming a teacher. No way at all.


18 May

The worst thing ever is losing your best friend. Wether its distance, death, moving on etc. I lost my best friend to a boyfriend. I almost wish I hadn’t even gotten them together in the first place, but that would be selfish of me to say or even think. A best friend is always suppose to want whats best for the other, right? I also feel like it applies to the other friend too though. If we only hung out all the time like we used to, or even just talk on the phone, I wouldn’t mind them dating. My best friend completely left me out of her life and I am just sitting here wondering what I can do to at least just get my friend back. Not just my friend but my sister…

The Wanted

16 May

Okay so I never thought I would say this but I am a fan girl. You all are probably thinking “great now all she’s going to post is about the band she loves”. Haha no. I won’t do that nor will I ever so don’t worry and pull your finger away from the unfollow button. I do want you all to check them out though and tell me what you think. Their group name is The Wanted and they have really good music! They just came out with a new song called “Walks Like Rihanna”. Although thats a good song I recommend listening to “Chasing the Sun” or “Warzone”. Also if anyone is willing to buy me this shirt down below, feel free!